Cable free Solar PV junction box released

Column:Company News Time:2024-06-18

At present, the application scenarios of photovoltaic products is more and more abundant, photovoltaic panels are not only installed on land, home, industrial and commercial roof, also more and more installed in lakes, rivers and even the ocean to generate electricity, in recent years, some countries have introduced a number of "international trade protection" and "domestic production subsidies" fiscal policies, making China's domestic panel export become difficult, more and more Chinese first-line component manufacturers choose to go to sea in the United States and other countries to build panel production lines, and photovoltaic junction box companies also "with the ship to sea" in countries with high labor cost. As the core control component of panels, photovoltaic junction boxes play an important role. Traditional cable type triplet junction boxes in the Ocean application scenario, in the United States and other places with high labor costs production and assembly, more and more showing its in-adaptability.

QC Solar (stock code: 301278) recently released the latest generation of "Cable free Solar PV junction box", the series of junction boxes are divided into two models. One is Water-cable free box,the other is Automatic-cable free box, suitable for countries with high labor costs. These two products well solve the problems of unsafe leakage in the operation of Ocean photovoltaic power stations and the cost of producing photovoltaic junction boxes in high labor cost countries such as the United States.(See the attached figure.)



 WCFB                                 ACFB


Water-cable free box (WCFB) is suitable for water surface and Ocean photovoltaic power stations.The traditional photovoltaic junction box is connected by a section of cable and connector,and the connectors are easy to fall into the water during and after the construction of the surface power station, causing huge electricity safety risks. This product launched by QC Solar, the negative connector "jointed injection molding" on the junction box, and the positive uses the combination of "cable + connector" to match the negative electrode, so that regardless of the component on the ocean surface is "horizontal installation" or "vertical installation" can make the connector "waterproof interface" raised by more than 0.7 meters (see the attached figure), the plug will never have a chance to fall into the sea. It ensures the safety of power stations and Ocean organisms.


Automatic-cable free box (ACFB) is suitable for "countries with higher labor cost" such as the United States, Europe and other countries, if the factory also in accordance with the traditional "cable type tripartite junction box" production,the process is various (see figure 3), such as tangent, stripping, riveting, tin welding, connector insert tighten assembly, junction box diode module into cold pressure, cable and junction box welding, machine test, a complete set of junction boxes should be tied, coiled, levelled, packed and so on before leaving the factory. Automatic-cable free box (ACFB) divides the junction box system production process into two.(see figure 4), the junction box manufacturing and installation is completed by the junction box factory and the component factory,the connection cables and plugs between the panels are provided by EPC company according to the corresponding connector model and cable design length (can also be commissioned to the junction box factory production). In this way, it avoids too many "non-automated" processes such as tedious wire winding, cable tying and cable unwinding during junction box production and component installation, and also avoids possible cable dragging and straining during EPC installation. The connector is "one-piece injection molding" on the junction box, and the components do not need to bring cables and plugs when leaving the factory, which greatly improves the automation and efficiency of the junction box production (the junction box factory can even do "black light factory"), and also improves the efficiency of the panel factory installation of the junction box and the electrical testing of the components, In addition, because the Adapter between the panels is defined by the EPC to define the length of the cable, so that the EPC can design the Adapter very reasonably and save the cable, thereby reducing the overall power station construction cost and avoiding cable waste This type of junction box is also particularly suitable for uncertain panel application scenarios, and the end user or EPC can configure the cable according to the actual use.



Through the above design, the junction box connector can be well solved in the deep water protection of the ocean, cable waste, and the high labor cost of the traditional cable junction box, which is worth promoting and using in a wide range of markets.This innovative product will be on display at the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai next month.