Since it inception, QC Solar has been a leader in the industry, always taking technological innovation as the driving force of development and core competitiveness. After nearly 10 years of unremitting efforts, the product quality and brand name have been well-recogbized home and abroad. On 15th, June, 2012, QC Solar's testing laboratory was inspected by domestic experts from national accreditation bodies and passed successfully.

The Testing Laboratory is dedicated to solving key and common fundamental technology problems in the industry, establishing a national PV technology innovation platform, gathering and training industry innovators, cultivating the industry's independent intellectual property rights, and enabling China to reach a world advanced level in terms of original technology. The Testing Laboratory focuses closely on five research areas: raw material identification, electrical performance testing, environmental reliability research, safety assessment and mechanical test evaluation.


Testing laboratory is committed to solving the key industry and common basic technical problems, to establish a national photovoltaic technology innovation platform, aggregation and cultivation of innovative talents cultivation industry, the industry of independent intellectual property rights, make our country is in the original technology has reached the advanced world level. Testing laboratory tightly around the raw material identification, electrical performance test, reliability studies, safety assessment, mechanical test and evaluation of five research direction.