In terms of R&D strategy and structure, QC Solar established its R&D Centre in 2006, and over the past few years it has expanded to a 40-strong design team.

QC Solar hopes to deepen its R&D structure via three ways.

First, strengthen the R&D team by expanding the team scale through campus recruitment and talent acquisition, and expand the team of engineers from the current 40 to 100 within a few years.

Second, improve the technical capabilities of engineers by developing training programs to train more experts who have a full understanding of systematic knowledge and can tap potential needs.

Third, strengthen cooperation with universities to develop the capabilities of the R&D centre (including basic research) to reach world-class levels.

Innovation of QC Solar R&D department is based on customer needs and serves a variety of attractive market and industry segments. Our business ranges from materials, connectors, junction boxes, photovoltaic modules, monitoring systems, to power optimization and micro-inverters.

QC Solar focuses on four main areas: green and alternative energy, lighting, communication electronics and automobile electronics. Behind these four innovative ares implies an international and global strategy.