QC Solar is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise which specializes in research & development,production and sales of photovoltaic system and power storage  products, including cables, junction boxes, solar photovoltaic protection and connection systems, outdoor precision waterproof connector system.

Headquartered in Suzhou, China, QC Solar currently has two branch factories respectively in Huaian, China and Van Trung, Vietnam. All three factories are qualified by ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certifications. Furthermore, all products have passed the quality and safety certifications of TUV(Germany) and UL(USA). QC Solar has obtained more than 100 intellectual property rights and has been awarded honorary titles of National High-Tech Enterprise, PV Module Energy Efficiency Management Research Centre of Jiangsu, PV Application System Engineering Technology Research Centre of Suzhou and Enterprise Technology Centre of Suzhou. In addition, QC Solar plays an active role in renewable energy development projects issued by National Development and Reform Commission/ World Bank, and is a pioneer in innovative design for the advanced new energy system protection and connection industry in China. QC Solar has been successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Market on 4th, August, 2022 under the stock name Kuaike Electronics, stock code 301278.

QC Solar cooperates with internationally renowned universities like Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University to conduct the photovoltaic control research, product design & development and marketing application. The products include Solar Intelligent Photovoltaic Wiring Control Box Systems, Intelligent Photovoltaic Power Optimization Systems,  Cable Connectors, Splitters, Solar Plant Confluence Distribution Systems, Multi-function Terminals, Control Boxes, Outdoor Precision Waterproof Connectors, etc. Our product design features originality and ingenuity. And the products perform well in harsh outdoor environment for long periods. Moreover, our connection systems have been proved to be able to withstand high currents, maintain reliable connection and offer excellent insulation and weather-proof performance. All of these greatly improve the safety and reliability of our solar modules and power stations.

All of the production factories are fully equipped with 80 automatic program-controlled injection machines, 46 assembly test lines and 26 automatic wiring harness and connector automatic assembly production lines imported from Switzerland and Japan. QC Solar has established a product testing center for connectors, which can ensure the quality of mold development, injection  molding, circuit design welding,assembly and test.

Our engineers come from a variety of industries such as electronics, engineering materials, mechanical construction, industrial design and semiconductor lighting. They all have extensive experience in product design and can design products in accordance with customer requirements and technical standards.

High-quality products derive from innovative designs, advanced production systems and excellent staffs. On the basis of proper production organization, site management and quality control with the assistance of advanced production and testing equipment, we are continuously in pursuit of excellence.